Create an unforgettable memory with your family and friends while enjoying the breathtaking view of our beautiful resort as you take the challenge of experiencing our extreme adventures designed for both beginners and experts, including our 50 meters high; 150meters long zip line, and our challenging rappelling, wall climbing outdoor basketball, football, beach volleyball and Frisbee.

Ideal for groups and families of all ages

  • Whiterock now offers a new array of personalized fun for individuals and teambuilding groups suited to their interests
  • Gear up and fly high and do the superman ride with our ziplines
  • Feel the thrill as you climb the top and slide down in a rope with our rappelling and wall climbing excitements
  • Try the rope course maze (Bossom, V-bridge, U-bridge, Tight Rope Monkey Bars, Cargo Net and Spider Web) with our new activitiy / Adventure Camp

Ziplines (50m high & 150m long) - (two way)


Rappelling and Wall Climbing (50m High)

Rappeling Wall Climbing

Activity Camp
(Bossom, V-bridge, U-bridge, Tight Rope Monkey Bars, Cargo Net and Spider Web)

Rappeling Wall Climbing

Teambuilding Program Details: (9:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

Outdoor Adventure

The Outdoor Adventure will take your group through many obstacles. At each of the obstacles you will be presented with a challenge. Your group, working together, will find a solution and overcome the challenge

Survivor Race

A fast phase activity will mark each group to face different task and challenges to win the race for the ultimate survivor. This is a combination of mental and physical activity aim to test patience, logical thinking, group coordination, unity and trust

Outcast-Lost in the Wilderness

A role playing activity filled with fun and adventure. Your team will face a group of tribe and compete with their tribal games. Your team must follow the story line to finish the activity

War Zone

A military team building activity designed to test your discipline, loyalty, courage and rendering sacrifice to your team. It enhances your leadership skill and subordination to follow orders. It also develops good judgment to weigh consequences on each action taken

Wet and Wild

A water-base team building activity requires team coordination to win the relay games and race. Come and dip in the pool and have some fun while doing water games under the sun