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Special Lunch or Dinner Menu (Dished out and refillable):

Appetizer (Choice one): Spicy tuna, Lumpiang shanghai Crispy tofu with hoisin sauce
Soup (choice one): Shrimp bisque cream, Cream pumpkin, Cream of mushroom
Salad (choice one): Mixed greens, Salad nicoise, Ceasar’s, Chef’s
Main courses (choice of three): Roast chicken, Chicken flambé, Roast beef with mushroom gravy, Hawaiian pork chop (sweet and sour), Roast pork belly, Baked Salmon, Steamed Broccoli/Asparagus in white sauce, Pasta with seafoods
Tableside Cooking: Tempura (shrimps, fish, squid, vegetables)
Rice (Choice one): Garlic, Corn
Bread Table: Wheat, Dinner Roll and Brown bread with cheese
Desserts: Cream puff, Chocolate cake, Fruits and Chocolate fountain
Drinks: Ice tea, fruit punch, drinking water

Substitutes acceptable at minimal cost, if any